Monday, August 14, 2017

Second half of 7th Grade

The school years are passing by ever so quickly.  This year, we watched Sarah and Colten graduate. The evidence of time passing by continues to grow.  It seems like just yesterday, these three were entering middle school and soon they will begin their last year of middle school.

Jax wrestled this year, even earned him a spot to go to State.  Unfortunately, he came down with the flu and didn't get to go. 

Spring Break Fun

School Dance

Delaney & Jax
2 of the top 10 Students of 7th grade
Very Proud of them!

Christmas 2016

Baking Traditions.....

 Because Christmas fell on a Sunday, we let the kids open most of their gifts, Christmas Eve.

 Speak Out was the hit game of Christmas 2016 Eve!

Christmas Day w Ward Cousins

Santa still came Christmas morning to deliver their big gifts!


We did the almost unthinkable.  We left the kids over Thanksgiving and went sailing with friends to the BVI.  This was a much needed vacation.  Even though we were with friends, it was nice to just get away with my husband.  

I absolutely loved sailing.  It was kind of like RV camping on water.  Since I grew up this way, it brought back a lot of great memories.  The water was absolutely gorgeous.  My only complaint is that it did rain a couple of days. Regardless, it was an unforgettable, probably once of a life time vacation. 

Picture are in random order, but since I am almost a year behind, I am not going to worry about the order of pictures.


We truly need to step-up our trunk r treat game.  There's always next year!