Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Break

We didn't do all that much but the weather was gorgeous.  This made for a nice relaxing break. 

Psycho path wasn't all that scary but I liked it better than other haunted attractions.  

Delaney made some cute pumpkins. I have to say it beats carving. 

Monica and I took these girls shopping.  It was a pretty fun day. They have grown up overnight.  We spent an hour in Sephora and then there was a few eye rolls and whispers.  I guess they think we are only cool moms 80% of the time. 

Turning 13

 I suppose it's kind of a big deal. Somehow it turned into a weekend celebration.  Friday evening we picked up Emi and Tyla and the girls had dinner at Charlestons. Afterwards, they didn't want ice cream but rather Starbucks.  

Saturday, each of them took friends and we celebrated with donuts at the tailgate.  

On Sunday, they had a party and played dodgeball and other games.  Originally, this was only suppose to be the boys part but they decided to let Delaney invite a few of her friends.  It was a little crazy so I think we will be sticking to smaller celebrations in the future. 

In the middle of feedings and countless diaper changes, I remember everyone kept saying... Just wait until their teenagers.  Back then, I couldn't even imagine it, just like even now, I can't imagine them turning 16.  So far, and I do realize I've barely got my foot in the door, it's easier.  Even with the mood swings and some awkwardness its a lot easier! I pray it stays this way.  I also pray that time slows down a little. No matter their age, they always bring us great joy. 


First Junior High Football Game

First Day of Seventh Grade

I had to drop off Jax for football early so I didn't get a picture of all three.  They promised to take one at school but you will see that did not happen. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just a Summer Day

Fishing, swimming, and the latest craze of Pokemon chasing filled this summer day.  Love that these kids share such a bond. They ended their summer day with devotional and church.

Boat Dancing & Fireworks

Cross Timbers rescheduled their fireworks for the following weekend.  As always we enjoyed our time on the lake.

Fourth of July

We went out on the boat July 3rd for a short period of time before a storm hit and cancelled fireworks for the evening.  On the 4th, we just hung around the pool. Without a fireworks display, things seemed a little off but we had fun none the less. 

This was the kids attempt to recreate a photo from when they were 3. I'm not sure they accomplished this but they had fun trying. 

Being Silly with friends....